Technologies and processes

The quality of work depends on two important factors:

- Innovative equipment of globally recognised manufacturers;

- Professional Printing Operators.

Investment into the most recent technologies enables us to continuously expand the services provided by the printing-house and create products with the most complex constructions. Smooth and efficient operation of the equipment is ensured by a large team of experts.

The most recent investment of the company – printing machine Heidelberg SX 74-6+L, which increases the output of labels by up to 40% and has the following specifications:

- Speed and quality (even when printing at a particularly high speed, the colour range of a product does not change);

- Efficiency (different printing tasks can replace one another speedily);

- A possibility to perform printing tasks with paper of different types and gramatures.

Other devices:

KBA RAPIDA 105-6+L and KBA RAPIDA 106-6+L. The device prints not only on paperboard, but also on synthetic materials (for instance, plastic materials or laminated surfaces) or non-standard finishing elements.

BOBST devices: BOBST SP 104-ER, BOBST SPERIA-106 and two BOBST 102-BMA. Devices manufactured by the best-known die-cutting equipment producers perform, in a quality manner, die-cutting and foil stamping tasks.

Jagenberg Diana 105-2 and BOBST Media 100 glue the most sophisticated constructions and complete the entire process of packaging production.