Methods, elements, materials and production processes:


We would like to introduce you to the printing methods, elements, materials and production process of our security printing production.


The production capacities of the company and the latest technologies used enable the company to apply both custom and exclusive security attributes. We offer the variety of the complex and reliable security elements and methods.


    * Security paper. In the case of the contact with chemicals this special paper with one-, two- or multi-tone watermark can change its colour. It can also contain visible or invisible multicoloured fibres, planchettes and tiny dots fluorescent under ultraviolet light, or metal or demetalized threads which change their colour under ultraviolet light. Unique features can be attributed to this paper to enable instant verification of the document. The paper can also have a variety of other individual security elements.


    * Protective ink. Various protective inks can be used, e.g. changing their properties if under ultraviolet or infrared light, if affected by heat (cold), light, chemical substances, various liquids, mechanical impact or in the case of the attempt to copy; also various numbering and magnetic/ machine readable inks.


    * Security printing. The multicoloured guilloches, micro lines, micro text and latent prints are other measures for the protection from forgery. It is extremely difficult for the counterfeiters to forge or reproduce intertwining multicoloured lines and tiniest micro text.


    * Security holograms and kinegrams ®. This security measure that has two- / three-dimensional images and other tiny unique elements, provides extremely effective and very modern protection; there is no need to doubt the authenticity of the document since it becomes impossible to forge.


    * Security numbering and encoding. This type of security also provides various numbering options, such as the highest resolution laser or ink-jet numbering with control numbers (or without them), bar codes and many other features; also traditional (mechanical) numbering.


The methods for the production of the security printing items are individually adjusted according to the needs of each customer. The whole process – starting from the layout and till the secure storage and delivery – is executed in various specialized divisions of our company. Up till the time raw materials become the end products, which are loaded into vehicles for transportation and delivered from our company, they have to come a long way. The products go through many different departments, located in the strictly secured printing house.


    * The process prior to printing, design. During this stage the project of the security printing is developed. The graphic image is created by using special Apple and (or) IBM computers and software (e.g., specialized security printing design program Cerber, also CorelDraw!, Freehand, Illustrator, Adobe programs). The project is developed by our layout designers or it is provided by the customer. If it is required, more data can be read (with highest resolution scanners). We have all currently available means for the processing of the data required for the design of the end product. Furthermore, our layout designers have long-term experience of such work.


    * Production of image carriers. Positive (negative) films are produced using well-known FUJI and LINOTYPE-HELL machines; the obtained films are used for the production of the printing plates, which are placed in the printing machine.


    * Production. Printing plates and raw materials are delivered to the printing machines: printing paltes arrive from the plate production department and raw materials come from the strong storage facility. First the printing is started, then various processing stages are executed and finally the process is finished. The latest technology sheet-fed and reel conventional and “dry” offset, flexo, silk-screen, embossed printing and intaglio printing machines are used in our printing process. These machines have various finishing functions (punching, perforating, holograming, die-cutting, etc.) and are able to print at very high speeds. If it is required or if it is requested by the customer, each produced end product is checked and sorted manually and transferred to the strong storage facility, where raw materials, semi-manufactured goods and end products are safely stored. Optimum climate conditions (required temperature, humidity, etc.) are created in the strong storage facility where sensitive materials are kept, the same as in all our security premises for the production of the security printing items.